Campanyes de la Fundació Ictus 2015 i 2016

Several dates

Fundació Ictus Malatia Vascular

Parc de la Ciutadella de Barcelona during 2015 and several locations during 2016

In May of the year 2015 the first street event and citizen participation took place in the Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona, and at the same time a campaign entitled “What are you capable of doing?”, where Airun completed the integral design of the act including all the services of our company: conceptualization, design, dynamization, communication, production, logistics, creation of a website and management of social networks, staff support and technical secretary.

In 2016, Ictus was the theme chosen for the Marató de TV3 (a TV program for social purposes): throughout the year Airun has supported several itinerant campaigns through the design and production of a mini traveling booth made to measure which goes to 50 hospitals throughout Catalonia and a school campaign through the promotion of a video game of prevention that went through more than 50 Catalan schools. In addition to the organization and production of 3 awareness raising street events.

Fundació Ictus




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