About us

It’s been 25 years since our company started the way and during this time we have evolved adapting to the needs of our customers. Today Airun Serveis Culturals, S.L. is a company in constant evolution and eager to learn and share with our clients all those projects that excite us.

Our team is experienced, committed and very dynamic. We work in a flexible organization that adapts to the different projects we have with a clear simplification of processes.

A young and dynamic team with a professional background and supported by the work done allows us to focus on each project as a new challenge for the entire Airun Serveis Culturals team. It is from this common challenge that the greatest value of our company arises, the full involvement of the entire team in the projects.


We want to innovate with new proposals for services in the cultural, recreational and sports fields without renouncing our ethical and social commitments.


Collaboration, involvement, personalization, the ability to react, as well as our experience and the satisfaction of our customers are the most remarkable values that characterize us.